Ethics for Product Managers

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Research in technology ethics has shown that oftentimes practitioners are bound by the organization's larger objectives with there being a conflict between design and business stakeholders. Similarly researchers in the business community have discussed the changing business landscape and highlighted the importance of adoption of ethical product practices. Product Managers lie at the intersection of business, design and technology with influence across the product life cycle. Research shows that with shifts in organizations the role of Product Managers has also evolved from being business centric to one of a customer focus with the need for better education to develop the discipline. I conducted interviews with 12 Product Managers including both junior and senior practitioners to understand how practitioners view their role in the Ethics of a Product. I identified four different characteristics of the Product Manager role through which practitioners engage with ethical awareness and action in their everyday work. I discuss the potential for greater involvement of Product Managers in improving Product Ethics and identify design and research opportunities to build support for the role. 

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